The city of Relaxation (Mae Hong Son)

The small amount of time in relaxing place can have an impact on our health and will help you to boost your mood, reduce stress. It will bring you into the present moment. Let absorb the power of nature help you to feel less stressed in relaxing places in Mae Hong Son 

Feel the wonderful sunflower sway in the relaxing wind at Doi Mae U-Kho

When the days start getting shorter, this is a signal for goodbye summer. Sunflowers are waiting for the cool breeze that will transform the hill in a month’s time, the green hill of Doi Mae U-Kho in the province Mae Hong Son changes in bright-yellow color covered by the Mexican Sunflower. The wildflower’s called Buatong. During this period, it is without a doubt that a large number of tourists travel the Mae Chaem-Khun Yuam road to see the booming Mexican Sunflower along both sides of the road on Highway 108. A mass of Mexican Sunflower with orange center appears on the hill from around November to the beginning of December. 

Travel Season: The Mexican sunflower blooms in only one period at a year, from November to December 

Breathe in the misty morning air from the dewy hill
of this wonderful city view at Kong Mu Hill

The cool daybreak breeze as the golden sunlight through the pin trees and mountain range that appear through the sea of mist, are all the great combination. This occurs whenever the air temperature and dew point match up together, creating a moist and humid air mass in the atmosphere. You can touch the sea of mist at Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu either 10 minutes by road or 30 minutes by a long staircase. From up there you enjoy the panoramic view of Mae Hong Son city and have two white pagodas which are Burmese architecture. Local people especially know its two white chedis. The best time to be on Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu is when the sunrise and the sunset.

Travel Season: Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu can be visited all-year round but the sea of mist occurs in the winter and rainy seasons.

Bath in natural hot spring at Pha Bong Hot Spring

When you have been busy at work several years, the hot spring eases your stress and worry and help you to relax and to think brighter. In this activity can restore your mood, bring yours back your energy and refresh your mind. The hot spring can cure from your skin disease after bathing in the mineral water. Mae Hong Son has one of famous hot spring called Pha Bong Hot Spring, is a peaceful hot spring of a middle size, about 6,400 square meters. The area is surrounded by the greenery of forested mountains. This place is a good view for taking a mineral bath. Pha Bong Hot spring is located in Pa Bong District about 11 kilometers from Mae Hong Son on Highway 108.

Travel Season: Pha Bong Hot Spring can be visited all-year round, it opens everyday 8.00 a.m.- 4.30 p.m.  

Look at the prefect combination of hazy sunrise in the morning winter at Pang Ung

At the beginning of the day, the first gleams of sunshine through the verdant pin forest and reflect on the water’s surface that cover the whole lake with the warmth of golden rays. This is nature want to say good morning for you. Let nature enter through your eyes to look at the lake view, the pin forest, the wonderful mountain scenes and the hazy fog in the morning at Pang Ung is held as the miracle thing that the nature has created. Staying overnight here you can rent a tent to camp at the lakeside. Pang Ung is located 44 kilometers from Mae Hong Son province, it takes around 1.5-2 hours.

Travel Season: Pang Ung can be visited all-year round but the prefect time to enjoy camping during the winter months (December – February). The admission is 100 baht.

Reach out and touch faith by walking along the Su Tong Pae bamboo Bridge

If you’ve been to Thailand for several years, you would have observed that Thai people are always looking for an opportunity to make a wish or a merit in the hope of gaining favor, following the Buddhist way of living. This belief effect to every part of Thailand. In Mae Hong Son, local people believe that if you make a wish by walking along the Su Tong Pae Bridge, your wish will come true. Su Tong Pae Bridge is the longest bamboo bridge in Thailand and one of the places in this city that you shouldn’t miss because When the area abounds with green paddy rice meadow, the scenery around the bridge is green and lively. Located about 17 kilometers from Mae Hong Son, just off the highway

Travel Season: Su Tong Pae bamboo Bridge can visited all-year round but the rice happens during few months of the year (September-October).

Wander around the lakeside in Baan Rak Thai
where you can absorb the Chinese architecture

Early Morning, admire the villages to pluck tea buds at the tea plantation that you can learn about the tea growing process from the beginning and watch how the leaves are processed in traditional way at Baan Rak Thai. In this villages, you can taste some local tea in tea shop and some delicious Yunan dishes in restaurant around the lake. Baan Rak Thai is a village of Yunan people who migrated from Yunan Province in china. Forty-three kilometers from Mae Hong Son, you can hire motorbikes so you are comfortable driving on the steep mountain roads, this is a fabulous view for you to enjoy.

Travel Season: Baan Rak Thai can visited all-year round. The annual tea tasting festival will be held in February. 

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