Please vacate the room prior to 12:00 noon on the check-out date. Staying in the room after 12:00 noon causes additional charge for stay. Check-in time is 13:00 PM. Please inform us in advance if you would like to check-in late.

Please show your passport/ID when you check-in for registration to government.

We turn on an air condition between 18.00 PM.- 6.00 AM.

Please do not smoke inside the hostel.

Animals/pets are not allowed in the hostel.

No eating and drinking in the dormitory room.

Please be considerate when returning late and keeping the noise down after 11.00 PM.

No drugs of any kind,beer or alcohol are not allowed in the hostel.

Sexual intercourse is not permitted on the premises.

If you’re partial to bed swapping, then you’re in the wrong place of someone is in the bed you were given, please contact receptionist.

Only a person registered at the reception may use the accommodation facilities at the hostel. Visitors are not allowed in the hostel.

For your convenience we have provided a safe deposit box. Saiyud hostel isn’t responsible for any damage or loss of your personal belongings.

When you break, spill, stain anything please let us knows immediately. If it’s minor, we usually won’t charge. If it’s a large issue, we would like to agree the cost with your before you leave.

Please return key when you check-out and be responsible for the lost or damage charge at 200 THB.